Sunday, October 26, 2008

Where are the Navy Seals?

I saw this ad in a magazine the other day, and it has puzzled me for a while.

It has the following caption:
Pictured from left to right: LCDR Mark Simon, ETCM Eric Olis, BMC Dan Ames, BM1 Michael O’Connell, EN1 Jason Fetterman, EM2 Mark DiPietro, LT Lewis Baker, MM2 Sergio Rodriguez

I couldn't really find any Navy Seals in this picture, the names of the Seals seem to be fictional, when google'd the names refer to this ad. So my conclusion is that there are no Navy Seals in the picture, or are there...


pomahony2 said...

Yes, I also saw the picture.
There are some copies on the web.
If any one finds out the answer,
Please tell me where they are.
Thanks, Pat OMahony
pomahony2 at G mail dot com

Mickel said...

I e-mailed the ad company who came up with this, and got no reply.