Baofeng UV-3R

This little radio is now FCC approved. That means this cheap dual-band transceiver is now within your grasp.

Already known by many, this 2 watt producing Chinese gem sells for as little as $50 on eBay. Although not a true dual-bander, it can only do one band at a time, for the price it does a lot. It comes with 2 antenna’s. One for VHF and one for UHF. These antenna’s are not that great and many users have replaced with a little SMA dual-band antenna. Comes with a LI-Ion battery, charger and ear piece/microphone. Also comes with some nifty features like an FM radio and LED flashlight.

Manual can be found here: part 1, part 2. More pictures here (1), here (2) and here (3) and some from the insides.


Yaesu VL-2000 and VP-2000 HF/50 Linear Amplifier

1500 watts, that’s how much this new amplifier produces. The VL-2000 from Yaesu.

But to get the full 1500 watts, this amplifier wants 48 volts, and specifically from the VP-2000 matching power supply which in it’s turn prefers 240 volts. But if you only have 120 volts to give, you’ll still get 500 watts.

More pictures here, manual here.

FCC ID: K6620321X70

Expert 2K-FA Amplifier

The Expert 2K-FA Amplifier, 2000 watts, and SIX antenna outputs.

Here’s a leaflet about the 2K-FA.


Elecraft KPA500

This seems like Elecraft’s first Amplifier. 500 watts output on all HF bands with about 40 watts input. The perfect companion for the Elecraft K3 Transceiver.

More pictures here (external) and here (internal), manual here.