Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Experience with Pioneer Inno

A few days ago I bought a Pioneer Inno, the reviews of this portable XM radio look promising, and I would have gotten and $100 rebate ($50 from XM, $50 from Pioneer). I still returned it to the store.

Pioneer Inno Portable XM2go Radio with MP3 Player

This XM radio/MP3 player appeared to have to cool features, like recording songs from XM and being able to store and play them anytime. Also it has a build in FM modulator, but in the recent firmware changes under presure of the FCC, this has been disabled and only works when it's in the car cradle.

Now this may be due to my geographic location, but reception was pretty poor. Maybe i'm in between the footprints of Rock-On and Roll-On the two Satelites of XM. One for east and one for the west.

The recording of songs from XM worked well, but you can only play then on the device, even tho this content has Digital Rights Management (DRM) the RIAA still wanted to sue XM. XM's response, this is no different then when radio's with cassette recorder came out.

Anyway, this is a cool little device, besides the FM modulater, and the poor reception in my area. For anyone who loves XM radio and would like to play their own MP3's I would say, go and buy it!

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Tori said...

Love your page! Big-Dutch rules!! You rock my socks off!!! May I suggest you do a bit on the vibrating thingy and it's popularity worldwide?? Or how about the stuff we talked about last night between the countries and longevity, etc.? Just a thought....

love you baby! ;o)