Friday, July 18, 2008

Icom IC-RX7

Another Dayton favorite and FCC approvee, the Icom IC-RX7.

Besides what you might expect from your average handheld receiver, this one features: 150Khz-1300Mhz range, 1650 memories and a Lithium Ion battery.

More information can be found on the Universal Radio website here.

More picture here, and the manual here and here.

FCC ID: AFJ307600


DO1HBK said...

A new Icom scanner,made at the end of 2008, without D-Star encoder? And it is bigger as IC-R5 and the optional battery case needs 3xAA.
My choice is the R5 for "the half price".

Mickel said...

I guess you mean D-star DeCoder. But I agree, it seems Icom doesn't even want to support their own system. I know i'm not going to support D-Star, any NON-open system is useless for Amateur radio use in my mind.