Wednesday, December 24, 2008

TEN-TEC RX-400 HF/VHF/UHF DSP receiver.

The TEN-TEC RX-400 receiver recently got a stamp of approval from the FCC, but what kind of receiver is this?
It has receiving range from 2-3000 Mhz (cellular blocked) and a lack of buttons and a display.

The manual is not quite helpfull on how this receiver works, but the TEN-TEC website provides some more information.

  • USB, LSB, ISB, CW, AM, NFM, WFM modes

  • 1 Hz tuning steps

  • Can be controlled by RS232 or TCP/IP

  • 100 channels per/s scan speed

  • 1000 memory channels

  • At was not immediately apparent of control software is supplied with the radio.

    FCC ID: 'DJ7-400'

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