Monday, March 30, 2009

Jetstream JT220M 220mhz Mobile Transceiver

Just the other day on the FCC, the Jetstream JT220M, a 220Mhz Mobile Radio, for amateur radio use.

The company's website can be found here:

    I spoke with the "importer", The price will be around $200-$250 street price, and with some luck these rigs will be available come Dayton Hamvention. At this time there were no definite plans for other Jetstream radio's, but they were looking at some possibilities.

FCC id: W48JT220M


cx4storm said...

After looking at the users manual, and the internal and external photos, I am going to stay as far away from this one as possible. It seems to be an INFERIOR LOW-QUALITY chinese copy of an Alinco DR-235, which is a marginal radio, at best. Kind of like the ADI 220 rig of years ago, which was just another INFERIOR LOW QUALITY chinese copy of the KENWOOD TM-331A. Just about everybody who bought an ADI ended up having nothing but problems. Unfortunately, due to the economy these days, alot of people would do just about anything short of murder to save a few pennies, so people are going to take the bait on these radios. Plus they are 50 watts. (chinese JETSTREAM watts), but that still won't influence me like it will some of the weak-minded ones . (again the ones looking to save a few pennies.) I tell everyone I see to stay away from the INFERIOR LOW QUALITY asian ham radio products (jetstream, opek, nagoya,puxing, etc.)that have flooded the U.S. market. Sure you save a few pennies now, but later on you discover how much of a rip-off this stuff really is. Oh, and good luck on customer service. Have some patience and willpower. Just wait, save up some, and buy quality equipment. As I stated earlier, this appears to be a copy of the Alinco DR-235. If you really need or want a new rig, buy the Alinco instead. Alinco has been established in the amateur radio market for quite some time now, and have proven themselves to be reliable. While they are not my favorite brand of amateur gear,(I like Kenwood) they are great if you are on a budget, and the overall fit, finish, and performance of their equipment is far superior to any of the INFERIOR LOW QUALITY chinese imports. Jetstream - Buy now, regret it later....

Mickel said...

Thanks for the head-up.