Friday, October 02, 2009

RadioShack PRO-107 iScan Scanner

The new RadioShack PRO-107 iScan Scanner made by GRE.

So what is iScan? The iScan scanner is computer programmable scanner which contains the complete RadioReference database on an SD card.

Some other cool feature:

  • Multi-Trunking (EDACS, Motorola, LTR)

  • SAME Weather Alert

  • Signal Stalker II

  • Signal Strength Meter

  • 25-50mhz, 108-512mhz, 764-1300mhz (minus cellphone gaps)

  • All this in a small package (127 x 60 x 27 mm and 190g) plus the firmware and library are upgradeable.

    More information about this and other scanners can be found on

    FCC ID: 'ADV0602'

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