Friday, March 19, 2010

TYT TH-UVF1 - Dual-band Portable.

Even another Chinese dual-bander. The TYT TH-UVF1, which looks like a clone of a Chinese clone...


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tom343 said...

I am a new ham and my son bought me one of these (TYT-TH-TVF1) radios. I have been in contact by email with an 'Emma Chen', someone that works for TYT in China with some sort of responsibility for marketing TYT stuff in the English speaking world. I am trying to make this radio both legal and usable. The manual is atrocious. There are approximately 30 settings. Some are global, some are for the channel at hand. In order to use repeaters, one has to perform the settings many other radios designed for the ham market automatically manage (per ARRL operating manual). I speak of T/R offset, whether offset is up or down, PL, things of that nature. How you set these things only becomes clear when TYT tells you how. It seems to be impossible to verify the settings. The radio features 'modes'; you must be in a certain mode to make a certain setting. I have read some favorable reviews of this device online. Local hams have examined the radio and advised me to get rid of it. It was a present from my son, and due to the economy, right now I must go with this radio or forego ham radio altogether for a while. Anyone here had any measure of success with this radio?