Friday, August 31, 2007

New Alinco 6 meter Mobile.

Meet the Alinco DR-06T.

The new 50 watt producing 6 meter mobile transceiver from Alinco, is as you can expect from Alinco, a basic model, with nothing too special.

It is packet ready, with a data terminal right upfront (3.5mm jack) that can also be used with a GPS for APRS use. It also has a 9-pin serial connector on the back for TNC use.

In the future there may also be a 10 meter model, the DR-03T. These will come with a DTMF microphone, the 10 meter version will not have a dataport on the back.

That same jack also doubles for the Theft Alarm feature. Basically you plug in a loop into the datajack, and hook it to something like the steeringwheel, activate the alarm, and when the cable becomes unplugged without the correct code sequence being entered first, the rig will sound an alarm and transmit on channel 99 to notify it's owner.

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megametrix said...

This is a very impressive radio. I have used a 6m FM radio for over half a million miles during the the last two sunspot cycles. I had maybe two dozen contacts. Total. For this reason i would really want to see Alinco put out a 10m FM radio. 10m FM is MUCH more active. It is by far my favorite mobile band. I would buy three of them. One in each car plus the house.
73 and here's hoping!,